(Business Registration | Permit Renewal)
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Register Business

Register your new business with us.

Stage 1 Requirements

  • SBF Investment Application Form

  • Documentary Requirements (a detailed list is available here)

Stage 2 Requirements

  • Signed Certificate of Conformity (if applicable)

  • Proof of payment of fees

  • Certified true copy of Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) Certificate with Articles of Incorporation & By-laws for newly registered corporations

  • Notice to Proceed from the SBMA Ecology Center

  • Signed Lease Agreement with proof of payment of Advance Rental and Security Deposit(For Main Lease)/Signed Sublease Agreement

Stage 3 Requirements

  • Submission of performance bond for those with development projects

  • For Main Lessee with existing structure, the applicant shall submit the Insurance Policy with Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) stating SBMA as the co-beneficiary

Apply for Certificate of Registration

File for your new Certificate of Registration with us.


Company duly registered with SEC (branch or extension office) or Sole Proprietorship


List of Fees

Please secure the billing statement from the appropriate

Business & Investment Department.

Duly executed Standard Format Lease/Sublease Agreement (as prescribed by the SBMA Legal Department). Please register your signed and duly executed (notarized) Lease/Sublease Agreement with our Registry Office at Room No. 204, 2nd Floor Regulatory Building, Rizal Highway corner Labitan Street, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, in compliance with the Mandatory Registration of leasehold and other occupational rights per SBMA Board Resolution No. 10-01-3481.

Certified True Copy of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Registration with Articles of Incorporation & By-laws or DTI Registration

SBMA Ecology Center is located at Ground Floor, Regulatory Bldg., Rizal Highway corner Labittan Street, Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

Renew Certificate of Registration / Certificate of Registration and Tax Exemption

Is your CR/CRTE expired? You can renew it now.



Please renew Sublease Agreement 3 months before the Expiration Date.

Requirements for Renewal of SLA:

  1. Written manifestation of intent to renew Sublease Agreement

  2. New Sublease Agreement with Sublessor

  3. Endorsement Letter of Sublessor

  4. Additional requirements for CRTE only:

    • Notarized Certificate of Conformity

    • Updated Secretary’s Certificate with attached photocopy of passport of two (2) valid IDs of the company’s authorized signatory

  • Certificate of Registration / Certificate of Registration and Tax Exemption (Php 2,000.00)

  • Business License Sticker (Php 200.00)

  • Penalty for Late Renwal (If applicable)

The following must be submitted prior to release of business permit :
Latest Audited Financial Statement (FS) (If Applicable)
Latest Annual Income Tax Return (ITR)
Updated SEC General Information Sheet/SEC Certification (for corporation/partnership)
Updated Insurance Policy stating SBMA as the beneficiary (for direct lessees only)
Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Clearance (If Applicable)

Please get in touch with SBMA Fire Department at +6347.252.4061

Please coordinate with the Planning and Development Office at +6347.252-4097